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Illumination and shading are beautifully done. You trully know how to make a primary element stand out from the rest of the elements in an image. However, I believe that you should have worked a little more on the feet - using a darker colour seems fine, but they seem poor compared to the rest of the figure since you' ve used a plethora of colours and detailed strokes to render the dress, and the rest of the skin.

The proportions and the anatomy of the figure are natural as well as beautiful. What I find a little puzzling is the positioning of the shoulders compared to the facial expression. The way the shoulders are raised seems to express some sort of stress-discomfort, whereas the face gives out feelings of tranquillity.

The selection of colours and the haziness of the dress give the girl an ethereal quality. This etherealness is augmented by the vagues strokes of dark green used for the background and the pale blue halo around the upper body parts.

Keep up the good work, I believe I am not the only one who is inspired by your art.
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